We make the Arizona economics standards accessible and fun to teach!

Below are some of the testimonials we received from teachers who attended recent classes. When a tuition course is offered, tuition assistance is given to all participating Arizona teachers, and lodging assistance for these is extended to Arizona teachers who live beyond Pima County:

“I am going to be a new teacher next year . . . and this course has taught me so much in a brief amount of time and assuaged almost all of my fears about teaching economics at the secondary school level. The two professors . . . were absolutely amazing and made such difficult material not only intelligible but fun! I truly feel honored to have had the opportunity to take this course and be taught by master professors.”
   – N. Barnett, University High School, Tucson, AZ
“As a high school econ teacher who has never studied economics, I was anxious and at the same time hopeful about this course directed towards secondary teachers. In the two weeks I was there you and [the] Professors . . . relieved my anxieties and fulfilled my hopes.”
    – P. Murdoch, Young Public Schools, Young, AZ
“Since taking these classes and workshops my Academic Decathlon team routinely scores in the top ten in the state in the economics portion of Academic Decathlon. Several of my Academic Decathlon students have told me they have decided to major in economics in college.”
    – G. Burden, Buena High School, Sierra Vista, AZ
“I was provided so many tools in this course that will enhance my classroom presence as a teacher and my own understanding of the intricacies involved in teaching economics.” 
    – Anonymous
“The instruction was flawless and the entire environment contributed to the experience.” 
    – A. Lamos, Fairfax High School, Phoenix, AZ
“To say that I got a lot out of the course is certainly an understatement. Concepts that were mysteries to me before were ‘graphically’ explained. Ideas that I had previously thought that I had understood were amplified and developed with a greater detail and complexity than I had thought possible. And, along the way, I picked up some ideas about how to present this material to my own students.” 
    – P. Murdoch, Young Public Schools, Young, AZ
“Your economics programs have definitely given me a new perspective on everything I read concerning local/state/national/global activities impacting day-to-day life. I will attempt to convey this new perspective to my students, colleagues and friends; and, hopefully, enhance my new economic skills/knowledge through this new, invigorating communication.” 
    – D. McClure, Hohokam Middle School, Tucson, AZ
“I loved the experience! The two professors were the best a teacher could ask for.” 
    – M. Mendoza, Nogales High School, Nogales, AZ
“As the only social studies teacher in a very small and remote rural community I have to cover a lot of diverse areas. This course has helped me to feel that I can, with confidence, introduce the fundamentals of economics to my students and do so with a greater degree of enthusiasm than I had prior to the course.” 
    – P. Murdoch, Young Public Schools, Young, AZ
“The class was intellectually stimulating, full of learning and fun all at the same time. The instructors were exceptional, very knowledgeable and helpful as teachers of teachers.” 
    – J. Unruh, North High School, Phoenix, AZ


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