Economics Summer Institute

We make the Arizona economics standards accessible and fun to teach!

2019 Economics Summer Teacher Institute

An intensive two-week program for middle and high school teachers that covers the fundamental principles of economics. A week each is devoted to macroeconomics and microeconomics. The institute is instructed by Advanced Placement economics teachers who know your classroom environment as deeply as they know the content. They are equally passionate about their subject and helping their colleagues. Instruction is incremental, comfortable for both beginners and for those already familiar with the basics. Additionally, we will introduce you to useful online resources for both content and its use in the classroom, as well as an online library of resources you can continue to access after the Institute. 
Lodging stipends are available to teachers who live outside Pima County.
There is no program fee and no academic credit, but participants receive a certificate for 35 PD hours per week.

  • Microeconomics: 2019 dates to be determined
  • Macroeconomics: 2019 dates to be determined


More Detail

The NEW Arizona Department of Education Social Sciences Standards require teaching economics in every grade. Are you fulfilling the requirement? If not, this program is for you!

  • Do you feel shaky in economics?
  • Did you never take an economics course?
  • Did you take economics so long ago you don’t remember much?
  • Are you intimidated by the unfamiliar terminology?
  • Do you need real-world examples of how to make the material accessible and memorable to students of your grade level?
  • Do you need practical support resources?
  • Do you teach 6th-12th Social Studies, Civics, Geography, Econ, Business, CTE, and wonder how to integrate the required economics concepts?
  • Could you use 35 to 70 professional development hours toward recertification?

 The UA Office of Economic Education offers a no-fear summer institute on the fundamental principles of economics to prepare teachers to fulfill Arizona Social Studies Strand 5. The subject is taught incrementally to bring beginners along with those with some foreknowledge. Solely for 6th-12th grade teachers, you’ll be among colleagues. We offer this at no charge, and we have funds to help with lodging for those attending from outside Pima County.

Microeconomics: 2019 Dates to be determined

These five days cover economic behavior and decision-making at the small-scale units of individuals, households, and businesses, and the problem of allocation in a context of scarcity. The workshop will teach: principals of supply and demand; price mechanism; market structure; functions of price; shortages and surpluses; the intentions and results of artificial price ceilings & floors; costs vs. benefits; market failure; public goods; property rights; externalities; competition and monopoly; surplus and shortage of labor; etc. The course tackles these gradually, in terms of the principals of human behavior, not in massive statistical analysis. If you are secretly afraid of math, you need not be afraid of this course! That said, if you are a math teacher looking for cross-curricular real-world examples, you'll find them here!  Every day includes supplemental resources and demonstrations of practical and easily-replicated classroom applications.

 Macroeconomics: 2019 Dates to be determined

These five days will cover economic mechanisms at the national and international level. You will become familiar with all those terms you encounter in the daily news. This workshop will teach: circular flow of money, goods, and services; aggregate supply and aggregate demand; determinants of consumption & investment; economic growth & development (long run); economic cycles and inflation/deflation; monetary policy (money supply, velocity, and the Federal Reserve Bank); government fiscal policy (surplus, deficit, debt); foreign exchange; balance of trade, etc. No-fear math, but the course has great real-life illustrations for math teachers who want to enrich their teaching.  Every day includes supplemental resources and demonstrations of practical and easily-replicated classroom applications.

Basic Details
Daily sessions meet from 8:00-3:30 each day. We provide the instructors and classroom, your textbooks, covered parking, plus an optional after-class tutorial. There is no fee. We have limited funds to assist with the cost of lodging for those who live at a distance. You will earn 35 professional development hours for completing each five-day session and related homework and assignments.

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Mark J. Sammons, Coordinator of Outreach