We make the Arizona economics standards accessible and fun to teach!

Ambassador Program

In partnership with the Thomas R. Brown Foundation, the UA Office of Economic Education (OEE) is creating a team of educators to improve, promote, and facilitate economic education in Southern Arizona. Members of this team, known as OEE Ambassadors, will:

  • Participate in trainings on economic concepts, teaching strategies, and leadership skills;
  • Share resources with local teachers in their home areas;
  • Co-teach economics education professional development programs;
  • Earn extra income along the way!


More Detail


The OEE Ambassador team represents various groups connected to education in Southern Arizona, including:

  • Middle and high school educators who teach economics, civics, history, personal finance or relevant CTE courses;
  • Elementary educators;
  • Relevant representatives from post-secondary educational institutions;
  • School administrators.

Ambassadors are selected through an application process.

Ambassadors serve terms of three semesters, and may serve more than one term.


Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Attend at least one full-day training each semester to learn about new resources, plan programs, and develop leadership skills (we will cover expenses and pay a stipend);
  • Participate in an online monthly forum August-May to share and generate ideas;
  • Attend workshops presented by the OEE and our partners in Southern Arizona (The Thomas R. Brown Foundation and Arizona Council on Economic Education);
  • Share information about economics education resources with colleagues;
  • Advocate for economics education in local schools;
  • Assist in offering and implementing professional development programs;
  • Provide feedback to the OEE about programs as needed.


  • Collaborate with skilled colleagues who share a passion for economic education;
  • Acknowledgement as leaders in economic education on the OEE website and in an OEE letter to school administrators
  • Have opportunities to shape economics professional development opportunities in Southern Arizona;
  • Gain preferential access to technology and conference scholarships;
  • Receive professional development credits for participation;
  • Earn income when assisting in the implementation of a workshop;
  • Enjoy OEE swag including a custom name tag.